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07 April 2016

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Spinelli Srl refuses all liability for any incorrect information and/or imprecision in the information given. All charges brought for liability based on the use of allegedly incorrect and/or imprecise information contained in the website will be rejected. No offer described on the website shall entail any legal obligation for Spinelli Srl. Any part of the text or indeed the entire publication, including offers, may be changed and/or supplemented or eliminated without notice by Spinelli Srl.


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Spinelli Srl shall not be held in any way liable for the content of the web pages to which the website is connected via hyperlinks or to which it refers. Spinelli Srl shall also not be held liable for the publication of messages from discussion forums or mailing lists and for the publication of comments by users of its internet pages.




Copyright of all messages created and published by Spinelli Srl is reserved. The use of materials published (by way of example, logos, diagrams, sounds, images and texts) both on other electronic publications and on printed paper is not strictly prohibited unless authorised in advance, in writing by Spinelli Srl.
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