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02 November 2011

New wine cellar: the foundations have been laid

The work for the realization of the new wine cellar, which has been designed for a big production and storage capacity, proceeds in a fast.

The laying of the foundations is a crucial phase for every company. In the construction of the new wine cellar, we got over it in a brilliant way: we completed the foundations and now we are building the walls that support the ground on the uphill side. The infrastructural work is also at a good stage.
All in all, the work is proceeding in the best way, also thanks to the commitment of the workers, that are coherent with the importance of the project. We are just at the beginning of a big work, but the unmistakable profile of our wine cellar already takes shape: a “house of the wine” set in the hill, to express architecturally the strong bond with the territory that characterizes us. As the architect Fiorenzo Valbonesi says: “It is an attempt to tell the Abruzzo region in a wine cellar of big dimensions, while searching for the best integration with the environment”.

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